Forever Fosters

When goldens come to SEVA GRREAT, they start out in foster care with the goal of getting them healthy and ready for adoption in to loving forever homes. Sometimes that process takes a few weeks, and other times it can be many months. We really appreciate our foster homes that help see our wonderful goldens through this transition. But there are also times when due to either age or medical condition, we feel it is best for the golden not to be moved again. These special goldens become our “Forever Fosters” and remain under the care of SEVA GRREAT for the remainder of their lives. Medical care is provided by the rescue, while these dedicated fosters provide all the love and attention they deserve. We hope you enjoy reading about our forever fosters. If you would like to help support their ongoing care, please consider a donation as a sponsor.

Many are familiar with this senior trio whose owner fell on hard times and became homeless.

Lily came to SEVA GRREAT in October 2018, after being surrendered to a local shelter when her elderly owner passed away and family could not care for her.

Max is an adorable purebred golden retriever puppy who is a happy, playful and generally healthy puppy with one exception.

Dusty came to SEVA GRREAT in February 2018 from a rural shelter. He was blind and initially estimated to be 12+ years old.

Mattie came to SEVA GRREAT in November 2016 after being surrendered to a high-kill shelter.

Rusty was found as a stray in very poor condition by a good Samaritan who hoped to nurse him back to health.